International Association Connecting Technologies for Citizens

For the development of citizens and their countries

Interact4C : the 4 co-founders Interact for citizens. An N.G.O created by four international experts towards connecting technologies for citizens. In order to share their knowledge and know-how in the fields of civil status, digital identity, social and health information systems, land and real estate public policies with governments and public bodies, within the framework of European programs or intergovernmental cooperation. We facilitate highly qualified international experts to governments and public administrations. We are committed to protecting security, confidentiality and private data.

Jean-Paul Alaterre, graduate of the Institut d’administration de Nantes; Thirty years of experience in the ministries of France, mainly on the subjects of state reform and digital identity, in central administration and prefecture, in metropolitan France and overseas
Specialist in the management of interdepartmental projects, in a complex international context with a strong European component; good practice in public procurement and thorough knowledge of international regulations on civil status and identity;
Mastery of change management in organizations, backed up by a background in psychology and teaching activities as well as qualifications as an analyst and IT project manager; Biometric referent at the French Ministry of the Interior from 2005 to 2012, expert in the uses of citizen-centered civil biometrics and application in the conduct of major international projects; rich experience of international cooperation on the processes of civil status, digital identity, issuance and control of biometric identity and travel documents. He has worked in Paris, France overseas, Europe and Africa.
At the end of his career, he co-founded with three colleagues an international NGO, Interact4C, of which he is the president.


Alenka Prvinsek – Persoglio (Fem), graduated at Law Faculty of Ljubljana University; with more than 30 years of career as a lawyer, where she started in the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Slovenia where she dealt with nationality, civil status and migration: from case work to the preparation of legislation and management of the Directorate. She cooperated with Academia-students, and has developed a rich experience in international co-operation, namely Council of Europe and its Member States, as well as with UNHCR; she further extended the experience in policy formulation on international migration as Senior Policy Advisor in International Centre for Migration Policy Developemnt in Vienna, with conceptualization of innovative migration related projects in different countries. One year she acted as Director of MARRI RC Skopje. She worked in Europe, Caucasus, Central Asia and Africa.
By the end of career she co-founded with three other colleagues an international NGO, Interact4C where she acts as one of the three Vice presidents.

Franck LENA is a senior executive, active in the legislative, legal, institutional and communications fields. With legal training and notarial equivalence, he has held positions in several public institutions and companies. He specialized in strategy and institutional reforms, public procurement and public domain management.
He co-founded, with three partners, an international NGO, Interact4C, of which he is vice-president.


Stane Stefancic graduated at Faculty of Science and technology of Ljubljana University. He has more than 40 years experiences in consultancy, research and development of contemporary information systems. Stane is the pioneer in reengineering of information systems focused in implemention of business process management with service-oriented architectures, modern concepts of enterprise content management in leading Slovenian companies and public administration. As founder of company Genis he had successfully lead company to the top of Slovenian developers of information solutions and services for medium to large enterprises and had built a team of global leading specialists for e-Government solutions. Genis significantly contributed that Slovenian public administration had taken in 2007 an excellent second place by European Union survey on proactive electronic services for citizens and companies. Advanced services which are being promptly implemented were designed on quality back office system which consists of national registers, such as Register of Civil Status and Register of Addresses, Register of Foreigners and Central Population Register. Most of the online transactions at Slovenian Administrative Units are conducted through these systems.


Interact4C provides public actors with project definition and planning, systems and solutions bench-marking, blueprints for ad hoc information systems, within the framework of either bilateral or international cooperation.




  • Ex-ante needs and gaps assessments

  • Feasibility studies

  • Consultancy

  • Policy formulation

  • Project definition and management

  • Assistance to contracting authoroties in preparation and delivery of international calls

  • Audits


  • Strategic and crisis communication advice and implementation

  • Individual & confidential expertise


  • Governments

  • Public administrations

  • NGOs and IGOs

  • Universities

  • Ad Hoc project consortia